I’ve Downgraded my Plan: I’m not Leaving Medium!

Carol Townend
2 min readAug 12, 2021
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My lovely followers might have realized that I recently downgraded my Medium. I am writing this, because I don’t want you to panic!

I am not planning to leave, I am planning to stay on Medium, reading and writing. I have met so many fantastic writers here and I have many supportive readers. However, my plan does not allow me to upgrade fully until September 10th, and my plan was set to automatic renewal. This means that my $5 monthly membership would have gone out before I had a chance to renew it.

I will be upgrading to the $50 annual membership when I renew my plan. This is worth it for the following reasons:

  • I have read many fascinating articles on Medium, and I love reading on here.
  • Medium is a platform that has really increased my writing confidence, and I am a frequent reader and writer here.
  • I want to give back to the Medium community in a better way, and fully support the platform. This is my way of saying thankyou to the whole of medium.

Obviously, this will limit my use of the platform for a little while. However, it is worth the wait! I have had a few of my articles distributed on here, which has been exciting for me, because when I first started, I had problems getting anything distributed.

In the meantime, my gratitude and thanks goes to every single one of you readers and writers on Medium. I also want to add a massive thankyou to Ev Williams and Medium Staff because without them, I’d be lost!

Carol Townend

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