Is The U.K. Really Ready for Covid-19 Restrictions to be Lifted?

Carol Townend
6 min readJul 19, 2021

Covid-19 has devastated many peoples lives. Are we heading for more devastation by lifting restrictions too early?

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My husband had Covid-19 in April 2020, and it devastated his disabilities.

April 2020 was the scariest month of my life. My husband who already had chronic pain brought on by a car crash and disabilities left behind by cancer contracted Covid-19. Before this, despite his right-sided weakness and brain damage he was doing well working as a dedicated nurse for over 30 years. He was even managing the chronic pain at work with help from professionals who he worked with.

In April 2020, he came home one night from a very long shift. He was exhausted and unable to walk properly. He did the most unusual thing for himself, took himself to bed without having tea and slept. Within a short while he was unable to breathe properly or stay awake, and a short while after that he was unable to move and coughing. Originally, we put it down to flu, until he decided to have a bath, of which he struggled to get out of and crawled back to bed. He was admitted twice with the Covid-19, the second time being within a day of being discharged. This time his exhaustion was double and he was in triple amounts of pain, and severely dehydrated. I tried getting fluid down him, but he couldn’t stay awake long enough for that to happen, and he was far too exhausted to be able to eat properly.

That was April 2020, and today in 2021, he has a range of disabilities that are now much worse and have been since he caught Covid-19. He now needs support to get around both in doors and out doors, and he is in chronic pain day and night. My husband used to be very strong, he used to be able to chase his children all round our hometown, pick me up and swing me round, deal with patients who needed to be protected from putting themselves in danger or from harming others at work, and he also protected me from the dangers of self harm and hurting myself in the days when I was very ill in 1998. He ran a half-marathon of 13.1 miles in 1993.

As the wife of someone who I have seen go from surviving cancer at toddler age, remaining strong and healthy, protecting others from harm in his job, and being so energetic I can’t keep up with him, to being unable…



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