I Used To Care About What Others Thought About Me.

Until I learned to Love And Accept Myself As I Am

Carol Townend
3 min readNov 21, 2021


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I never really fit in with people. I don’t follow style, makeup, hair, fashion or home trends. Many say my thinking is strange, and I speak my mind way too sharp.

I spent most of my young life being bullied.

I was bullied mostly for being different.

I was classed as:

  • Too soft
  • Too sensitive
  • A strange thinker
  • Too reliant
  • An incapable thinker
  • Out of fashion

And as someone who did things differently

I spent my young life covering up who I really was; forever changing everything from makeup, fashion to behavior as a desperate attempt to stop the bullying and be liked.

I have a message for the world:

I woke up. I got badly hurt for things I didn’t deserve to be hurt for, and I came back stronger, confident, and wiser. This is the beauty of who I am today, I am individual, authentic in every way, and I am me. I spent years finding myself again, and that can’t ever be taken away from me. I can’t be brought down anymore.

I don’t style my home, do makeup, change my hair, clothes, behavior or personality today to suit anybody but me.

People grow over time. Trauma never goes away ; but once you learn self-love, you discover the beauty in you, and you come to fully accept yourself no matter what anybody says.

Here is me today:

  • I speak my mind, even if nobody likes it
  • I stand my ground, even if nobody cares
  • Don’t like my space wallpaper? I do, so I’ll keep it anyway
  • I still sing, dance, read and write because I love it: I’m breaking into a



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