I Just Used Mediums Audio Tool For The First Time.

I found it really useful

Carol Townend
2 min readMar 12, 2022


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I don’t usually use audio when it comes to reading stories, I prefer to just read them. However, today I decided to try the new audio feature on Medium and here is what I thought about it.

This is a new but really new tool on Medium.

  • It allows you to listen to the stories and highlights each word so that you can also follow the story that you are listening to. The feature can be a bit jumpy at times, though when this happens it jumps back to the section you are listening to so that you don’t lose what you are reading.
  • The story is narrated clearly and concisely, and the voice is quite animated, which adds interest to the story that you are listening to.
  • Reading stories can be good when you are awake. However, this helps you to still enjoy your stories, even when you are tired and you can still comment while listening.
  • I did have some minor negatives with this feature. The first being that the narrators voice moves fast, therefore it can make highlighting a bit difficult. The second being that it only allows the option of a male voice.

Overall, I really enjoyed using this new feature today, and it made reading stories more pleasant in the sense that I could listen to the story at the same time; allowing me to get a good feel of what the story was about.

In terms of narration; maybe Medium could add a female/male setting giving readers a choice as to which voice they want to hear. Of course, I have no problems listening to a male voice in general; however, adding a female option would allow the reader to be able to choose which voice they would like to use.

One thing is for sure, I will definitely use this feature again.

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