Grammarly Has A Habit Of Misspelling Words.

It Isn’t Always Helpful For Checking Your Work.

Carol Townend
2 min readMay 30


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I use Grammarly a lot, usually to run a spell check on my work. I don’t have many issues with it, however, it often misspells a word or tries to change a sentence that has been written correctly.

I was trying to write a paragraph for a book I’m finishing yesterday, and one of the sentences I wrote was,

“The weather outside was terrible.”

Grammarly wasn’t happy with this, it kept underlining it and suggesting I write it this way,

“The weather outside was terribly”

I don’t know why it does that. It only seems to happen when I write in word

It doesn’t happen much when I write online. However, it will suggest words if it doesn’t like a certain word that I have used.

If I had written,

“The weather was terribly cold outside,”

I could have understood it.

Another issue I noticed is its use of me and myself.

I often write things like

“It’s ok to buy things for myself”

I was always taught at school that I could write that way, but Grammarly will underline it, and change it to ‘me.’

When I use the word myself, I am still referring to me. Of course, I can dismiss a word that I do not want to use but Grammarly suggested I change the word ‘it’s’ to ‘it’ and ‘myself’ to me.

Of course, sometimes spelling comes down to the individual, though I just don’t think that,

“It ok to buy things for myself” doesn’t right in the context of what I wrote. However Grammarly decided that the word ‘it’s’ was wrong.

It and it’s are used in different contexts, such as:

  • ‘It’s ok to do what I want,’ instead of ‘It is okay to do what I want.’
  • “I bought it from a shop,’ is different from ‘It’s raining outside.’

I’m not saying that Grammarly is a bad tool to use for writers; I still find some aspects useful, especially in terms of punctuation. I’m just saying before accepting any word changes that it suggests, review how you’re using a word first because sometimes it will get it wrong.



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