Get The Most Out Of Studying.

Carol Townend
4 min readMay 8, 2022

You Don’t Have to Make It Complicated.

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Don’t Make Studying Boring!

I love writing, though that isn’t the only thing I love.

I also love studying.

“But… studying is hard and boring!”

I can hear echo’s of this, every time I mention it.

So many students complain that they have too much to read, too many notes to take and no time for themselves. When studying feels like this, it can drain your mind and become exhausting.

When you turn studying into a chore, you’re turning it into something boring.

There are many positives to studying:

  • You learn a new skill or hobby
  • It teaches you to look at things from a different perspective
  • It increases mind growth
  • It enables you to become aware of things that you may have been once unaware of.

When choosing a study subject; choose something that you enjoy, or something that means something to you.

Of course, there are times such as studying for a school exam when you might not get a choice. In fact, I found many of my school topics boring. I hated homework, and I…



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